Maelina Cream


Introducing the first multipurpose cream developed by a physician to reduce irritation, swelling, itching, and burning. Maelina cream contains aloe vera, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, and colloidal silver in a water and mineral oil base. It not only relieves pain, itching, irritation and burning, but it also heals the area and provides an antibacterial function as well. Maelina cream has been used both inside and outside the vagina and rectum, on the vulva, on arms and legs for burns, psoriasis and eczema, on the scalp for psoriasis and eczema,  post-waxing, post shaving, post electrolysis, on wounds, and on burns after dermatologic procedures.  The list keeps going on and on. Please read these testimonials to see how Maelina cream can help you. For more information about Maelina Cream, please contact our office. (954) 984-8892


“l have had horrible eczema on my face and scalp which would not completely resolve with steroid creams. Maelina Cream healed it completely”
Peggy, Coral Springs, FL

“I took my mother in to see Dr. Solomon with what I thought was a hemorrhoid. It was actually a bedsore that she developed in her assisted living center. The sore resolved in one week with Maelina!”
Susan, Boca Raton, FL

“I used to use EMLA crream before I waxed my body. Now I use Maelina Cream. It soothes the area and prevents those bumps I used to get. I use it after I shave my legs too. Awesome product!”
Claudia, Miami, FL

“I went to see Dr. Solomon for my annual check-up. She noted that I had psoriasis lesions all over my body. She asked me to try Maelina. I have to say that in two week, there was no more itching and the lesions actually shrunk! I am a believer. This stuff works!”
Sharon, Aventura, FL

“The burning after sex was unbearable. I have been in menopause for 5 years. I tried lubricants, estrogen cream, the works, but it seemed to make it worse. Dr. Solomon suggested using the Maelina Cream after sex and I feel like myself in a matter of minutes. It’s a lifesaver says my husband!”
Sandy, West Palm Beach, FL

“I had both my arms burned by the dermatologist for pre cancerous lesions. He told me to use an antibiotic cream, but that burned also. I tried the Maelina Cream and have to say that I was amazed how quickly the wounds healed AND my arms looked so much better! Thanks Maelina”
Debbie, Boca Raton, FL

“I have IBS, irritable bowel syndrome. Without getting too gross, I may have to run to the bathroom up to 8 times a day. This makes my anal area inflamed. I told Dr. Solomon about it and she recommended Maelina Cream to use as many times as I wanted during the day and night. I can now live with this condition and sit at my desk at work without squirming. I would highly recommend this cream.”
Sherry, Boynton Beach, FL

“I heard about Maelina Cream from a friend, so I picked some up for my 2 year old grandson’s diaper rash. It worked immediately and with no side effects. I am so grateful!”
Hilda, Aventura, FL